Nucleus IIOT


Nucleus is an industrial internet of things (IIoT) gateway with built-in external interfaces and I/O. Whether it be a 4-20 mA transmitter or pulling data from an OPC-UA server, your data can be exposed in real-time through the cloud or local interfaces.

Cloud Ready

Nucleus comes pre-configured to publish all on- board I/O, cellular info, GPS info, configured Modbus, and OPC-UA devices to the Tyrion Cloud and to a local WiFi connection. This makes Nucleus the only true drop-in remote monitoring device.

Ultimate Scalability

Even without existing power or network infrastructure, Nucleus stands on its own as a solar-powered PLC, HMI, and cellular gateway. Connect it and others to a cloud or central server to have access to unlimited data and control from one location!

Lean and Fast with MQTT

Nucleus leverages the MQTT protocol to transmit huge amounts of data with minimal packet sizes. This reduces data usage, and lowers packet latency.

Fully Customizable

Nucleus supports custom network and user interface configurations supporting public or private cloud, WAN and LAN networks. User- programmable with third-party application support, Nucleus can be whatever you make it!

Nucleus & Oil

Nucleus has a lot of uses in the oil industry. It can monitor well pressure and temperature readings, generating spreadsheet reports on the fly. It can automate pressure vessels, flow valves, and separators with alarming features using the Tyrion Cloud, so you and your team can be ready to take action when necessary. It generates trending data so you can monitor your wells productivity over time and ensure you meet your quotas. The capabilities of Nucleus are unlimited and it is simple to setup and integrate into your applications.

Nucleus & Agriculture

Nucleus has been used extensively in the agricultural industry too. It’s working on dairy farms as an automation system for pumps and valves, and it also accurately monitors production. It can also be used in other areas of agriculture such as monitoring the moisture content of the soil and then controlling the irrigation system as needed. Limited by only your imagination, Nucleus can be used in many other ways with our simple-to-program system. Utilize Nucleus’s alarming services to stay informed about events happening in your field, all in realtime. These events could range from a drop in temperature to filter pressure to empty chemical tanks. With the huge number of easily accessible industrial sensors available today, Nucleus will drastically improve your performance and your efficiency.

5.25″ x 3.15″ x 1.37″

Expandable Flash Memory
Micro SD Card Up to 32GB

SIM Card
Standard Size

Ethernet Over RJ45
Serial Over Terminals

Intel Atom Dual-core @ 500 MHz

1 GB

Flash Memory (On Board)
4 GB

Operating Temperature
0°C to 70°C


    Subscribe to the Tyrion Cloud and get our exclusive embedded plug and play web application. Connect devices, see them instantly on your phone and start monitoring. Trend, store and export your data at will from any device with only an internet connection.

  • Cellular

    Nucleus comes certified with the ATT cellular network. Utilize your very own sim card and data plan or utilize the Tyrion Subscription Services. Remote data collection made easy!

  • Wi-Fi

    Nucleus is it’s own Wi-Fi network. Walk up, connect, and have local access to all of Nucleus’ features and more importantly your data!

  • GPS

    Nucleus comes pre-packaged with GPS tracking. Great for motion alarming, mapping and location data.


    What does a local PC and database give you? It gives you the power to run applications like Inductive Automation’s Ignition, opening up an entirely new world of SCADA and IIOT. Utilize Nucleus’ Wi-Fi and Ignition to create a smart phone HMI, virtually eliminating the local panel interface. Less equipment to buy and maintain.

  • I/O

    Nucleus has 5 Digital Output ports, 10 Digital Input ports, and 4 Analog Input ports so you can interface with various equipment with ease.

  • MQTT

    MQTT, our default protocol for communication over cellular, saves power and bandwidth, works on a publish-subscribe architecture and is highly flexible.

  • OPC UA

    Ease-of-use, plug-and-play, high reliability and redundancy, enhanced performance.

Nucleus is available for sale now! Reserve yours today.

Nucleus is a tried and tested device. It has thousands of hours behind it and is in use in mission critical devices across the United States and has demand globally. It is Microsoft IOT Hub certified. It will soon have FCC certification and is patent pending. Each Nucleus comes with a limited 1 year warranty. Cloud Service plans are also available for monitoring and alerting.

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