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Welcome to NUCLEUS!

With years of experience developing, managing, and implementing automation control systems, Tyrion Integration is revolutionizing the IIoT industry with NUCLEUS

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Nucleus does industrial automation

Your answer for remote data collection and IIoT

Wi-Fi Enabled

Nucleus is it’s own Wi-Fi network. Easily connect to the secure network and get full access to the device

Flexible I/O

Nucleus comes with 5x VDC digital outputs, 4x 24VDC 4-20mA analog inputs, and 10x 10 24VDC digital inputs

Cellular Capable

Nucleus comes certified with the AT&T cellular network. Use your very own SIM card or your Tyrion Subscription for easy remote data collection

Robust Local Database

No comms, no problems. Nucleus can store up to 32 GB locally in it’s database

GPS Tracking

Nucleus comes with GPS tracking, right out of the box. Great for motion alarming, mapping, and collecting location data

Cloud-Based Data

Nucleus uses the MQTT protocol, saving you money and bandwidth when publishing to your secure cloud

Put Nucleus to work for you

Nucleus will handle anything you throw at it. Use Node-Red to wire together hardware devices and deploy flows on the fly

  • Advanced Monitoring

    Use Nucleus to monitor everything you need to keep track of

  • Dedicated Alarming

    Get alarms via SMS, email, or even Twitter

  • Trending Data

    Tyrion will store all of your data for easy trend analysis

  • Mobile-Friendly

    Harness the power of Nucleus on the go with our mobile interface

  • Drive your flow

    Easily deploy your Node-Red flows on the fly

  • Documentation

    Nucleus comes with documentation and tireless support