RED-EYE is a quick and accurate oil leak detection system, helping you take action and reduce the environmental impact of stuffing box leaks.​



Low maintenance &
non-intrusive equipment


No collection of liquid or gas required for leak detection


Photo verification for rapid alerts and response

RED-EYE is a patent-pending oil leak detection system, utilizing photoelectric laser sensor technology to detect stuffing box leaks. If a leak is detected, a notification is sent to the user, who may then respond accordingly. RED•EYE helps your business remain compliant with regulations, without the mess of liquid or gas containment. Here is how RED-EYE works:

RED-EYE’s on-board photo-eye uses a laser to scan the top of the stuffing box

RED•EYE recognizes the presence of oil along the top of the stuffing box

RED-EYE takes a picture & sends a text alert to the user, so informed action may be taken


to mount on the pumping unit, no need to remove equipment for well work


class-1 laser photo-eye, is not hazardous to eyes or skin


during day & night, with wide-angle views, working up to 20 feet away


action in seconds with NUCLEUS on-board, transmitting events to the cloud then to the user


the well automatically, or other customizable actions

Visualize your RED-EYE Leak Detection System on your mobile device!