Controlling a Fisher easy-Drive

The Fisher easy-Drive is an electric actuator that controls valves with unequivocal reliability. When paired with a Nucleus, you can control your valves with precision and convenience from the cloud. This Node-RED flow shows just how easy it is to configure your Nucleus to talk to the Fisher easy-Drive over Modbus. The first line of the flow publishes the current … Read More

50-Foot Skid

When California Resources Corporation (formerly Occidental Petroleum) needed to get production started prior to the establishment of a permanent facility they engaged GE Oil & Gas to provide a solution. GE decided that a skidded power system that would run 4 – 700 horsepower surface pumps was the fastest way to get production running and engaged Tyrion Integration to help … Read More

Manufacturing Facility

A manufacturing firm in Wasco, California was using a legacy historian and transaction manager that was no longer supported. They had pushed the system to its limits and were looking to upgrade; however, because this plant runs 24/7, they were looking for a solution that would allow them to run the existing system in parallel with a new system, without … Read More

Oil Production Facility

The efficiency with which petroleum producers monitor and control remote well operations can have a significant impact on profitability. So, when a global petroleum site developer discovered a potentially high-yield resource in the U.S., they wanted to install a unique cloud-based monitoring/control solution that not only reduces the need for onsite operators but also gives investors an up-to-date view of … Read More

An Introduction to the iVAC: A Disruptive Remote Monitoring and Control Solution

By: Shawn N Hatton It was clear to me this morning, as I was going through my daily routine of checking my LinkedIn account, that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has reached the automation market. It makes sense: we want to be able to analyze, troubleshoot, and understand our remote assets, especially when accessibility is an issue. As a … Read More