Controlling a Fisher easy-Drive

The Fisher easy-Drive is an electric actuator that controls valves with unequivocal reliability. When paired with a Nucleus, you can control your valves with precision and convenience from the cloud. This Node-RED flow shows just how easy it is to configure your Nucleus to talk to the Fisher easy-Drive over Modbus.

The first line of the flow publishes the current position of the valve to the cloud every second. We do this by reading the Modbus register that holds the value for the position of the valve and sending it to the cloud. That way, we always know the current state of the valve.

The second line of the flow takes a user-inputted value from the cloud and writes it to the Modbus register that controls the valve. Below is a screenshot of the cloud interface where a user can input the position they want the valve at.

It’s very easy to configure the Nucleus for all kinds of equipment, allowing you to simply and reliably control and monitor your processes remotely from the cloud.