Manufacturing Facility

A manufacturing firm in Wasco, California was using a legacy historian and transaction manager that was no longer supported. They had pushed the system to its limits and were looking to upgrade; however, because this plant runs 24/7, they were looking for a solution that would allow them to run the existing system in parallel with a new system, without having to wait for the next shutdown.

Tyrion Integration worked with the customer to provide a solution using Inductive Automation’s Ignition software. Tyrion was able to install a new server, along with the Ignition software, and set up a new historian and transaction manager to begin logging data. This allowed the customer to implement the solution immediately, without waiting for a shutdown. The two systems were able to run simultaneously so that the data collection and reporting could be validated against the existing system.

Tyrion’s expertise in this area led to an easy installation and deployment of the Ignition product in a timely manner and at a reduced cost. The customer was so satisfied that plans have been started to migrate away from the existing HMI product and standardize the entire facility on the Ignition platform.